Thursday, August 2, 2007

Rolling Roadshow Tour 2007: third dispatch

There are few pleasures in life more complete than sitting in a hotel room on a sweltering Kentucky night, watching THE GOLDEN GIRLS on Lifetime Network and nursing the bruises and damage of the Roadshow Tour. Our most damaged soldier is likely Tim League, whose fearless pie-eating prowess at STAND BY ME stretched him to the literal limits and left the Oregon blueberry industry in a serious slump. The entire town of Brownsville brought out an unimaginable level of hospitality and energy to the show, resulting in an event that managed to warm even the ice-cold hearts of the Alamo staff. Every citizen of that place is a damned superhero. And our own Tim Doyle charmed a large portion of the local female populace.

Next, we were off to pick up comrades Justin and Christi and scoot up to none other than Mt. Rushmore to present NORTH BY NORTHWEST in front of a few stony presidential faces. The amphitheater there was impressive and completely inaccessible to our standard projection set-up, but things were made good and the screening was miraculously pulled off with all the proper Roadshow panache. And a few long-distance Alamo pals crossed state lines to be there for the show, along with a few hundred red-blooded Americans. The after-party was at an old-timey ragtime bar where the musical entertainment told foulmouthed jokes and covered Neil Diamond jams on a Casio keyboard. If this doesn't sound like fun to you, get out of our house.

Now we're one day away from our most high-security presentation, GOLDFINGER at Fort Knox! We're preparing in Elizabethtown, and making sure that we're all gonna be able to clear the security checkpoint. Wish us luck.

The Alamo Rolling Roadshow Tour 2007 crew

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