Wednesday, August 15, 2007

And they are off!

The Smokey and the Bandit scavenger hunt has begun! 16 teams signed up in advance, 6 had the intestinal fortitude to meet us at the world-famous Starlight Drive-In at 8 AM on a Wednesday. This is a pretty hardcore bunch of folks who are leaving Atlanta midweek on a reckless adventure from Atlanta to Texarkana, in pursuit of a 1970's era Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am. Spray-paint firebird modifications, team costumes, crash helmets and lots of moustaches graced this daring handful of sportsmen.

Here's some photos from the scavenger hunt kick-off moments ago. For those interested in what they will be up to on the road, it's a photo-based hunt. The list of items for which they will be hunting today is below:

40 Semi truck with a giant mural on the side
60 Semi truck with a mural of a stagecoach robbery
30 Jerry Reed CD still in it's packaging inside a truck stop gift shop
80 Two men in matching western suits
40 Your team in front of a vintage Cadillac convertible, 40 extra if it's red
40 Any vehicle modified with longhorns
40 Egomaniacal personalized license plate
30 Zebra skin hammock
30 Woman with curlers in her hair
60 Man that looks like Bandit
60 Man that looks like Big Enos
60 Man that looks like Little Enos
60 Man that looks like the Snowman
60 Woman that looks like Frog
60 Man that looks like Buford T. Justice
30 Vest with an American flag patch.
30 "CAT" cap.
30 Trucker with a hound dog
30 Black Pontiac Trans Am Firebird T-Top
30 Smoke belching out of a big rig smokestack.
50 Biker gang
20 As many different cops cars as possible (20 pts each)
20 Team member with two cheeseburgers and a glass of iced tea
20 Your team in front of a "choke & puke."
50 You trailing toilet paper out of your glasses coming out of a truck stop
40 Your car burning rubber
30 A Kojak with a Kodak.
50 Your team at Ole Miss University
30 Funeral procession
40 Hearse
60 You driving across a football field
30 Team Member talking on a CB radio
40 Two of your team members kissing in front of a babbling brook
60 Barroom brawl
60 Running over motorcycles
30 You driving while kissing a girl in your lap.
20 Your car in front of a state line marker (20 points for each one)
20 Your team in front of a "Welcome to Texarkana" sign
30 Your team at the Coors distributor in Texarkana
30 Team member on a forklift
30 Woman in a wedding dress.
30 Car scrawled with "JUST MARRIED" on the windshield
20 A sheriff wearing dark sunglasses
30 A Coors t-shirt
30 Three unsavory youths stealing a tire
40 Peanut butter in your ears
30 Team member with a Buford T. Justice moustache
30 A picture of you going 10-100

107 Performance of your team's CB Banter

1977 Total Possible Points

We'll be posting up photos from their adventures out on the road later this week. 14 more hours left in this year's Rolling Roadshow Tour. It's been an absolute blast, but now I'm starting to feel the siren call of my own bed back in Austin, Texas...


El Gray said...

My photos from the 'fest and the trek are here:

Holly said...

I have some pics up as well at

please, all you guys who raced with us, drop us a line there. I didn't get hardly anyone's name or numbers, and I would love to stay in contact!

(a.k.a - Khaaann!)

El Gray said...

Also, if anyone else has pics from the event on Flickr, slap the "burtathon" tag on them, so we can have a nice pool. Thanks!