Sunday, July 1, 2007

Wedding couple announced...

On this website a couple of months ago, we announced that we were conducting a nationwide search for a couple to be married at the Ultimate Fandango screening on July 18. This weekend, we put all the qualifying couples names into a hat and pulled out a winner. The couple to be officially married by Chuck Bush (Dorman) on the square in San Elizario after the screening is Patty Aleman and Gilbert Chavarria.

Now, we had about a dozen other folks who expressed interest in getting married Fandango style. While Chuck is only going to "legally" marry one couple, we are opening up the experience to anyone who wants to stand behind rank from Patty and Gilbert and get "unofficially" married. The lights will be lit, the Pat Metheny will be on the sound system, and I have a suspicion that the feeling is going to be just right for romance. I know I am personally going to be packing a tux and renewing the vows with my wife. If you plan on taking part in the group marriage ceremony, please email us and we'll make sure to have room for you.

See you on the square in less than 3 weeks!

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