Friday, July 27, 2007

2007 Rolling Roadshow Tour: second assault

Hard work is its own reward. And other rewards include sunburn, bruising, exhaustion and missing skin. But the crew of the 2007 Rolling Roadshow Tour agree that any degree of physical damage is little price to pay when bringing unbridled entertainment to our glorious nation.

We've had two more shows since the last RRS2007 posting. The first was the beloved, Wahlberg-legitimizing BOOGIE NIGHTS in the legendary Valley of sunny Southern California. Everything you'd have hoped for was there...palm trees, skaters, mini malls and tons and tons of actual, bona fide adult film stars. Yep, real life porno humans abounded at the screening and after-party, upping the surreality and off-Hollywood glamor of the event and increasing its memorability at least a dozenfold. Among them was a certain suave gentleman named Ron Jeremy. Earlier in the evening, we were lucky enough to have an introduction by the writer-director P.T. Anderson, who sat in on the show and shot the breeze about the film's creation, as well as his much anticipated new film, THERE WILL BE BLOOD.

A few days later saw us at the Santa Cruz, CA boardwalk for a mammoth screening of 1986' ultimate teen vampire masterpiece THE LOST BOYS. Over 3000 people were on hand for the show. One of them was the city's mayor, who showed up ready for action and quoted the film's bloodsucking oath: "Sleep all day, party all night!" This was followed by appearances from many of the film's leads, and the audience went nuts. Every new shot of the boardwalk evoked a roar of cheers from the audience, and everyone left with a head full of memories and pants full of sand.

I'd love to write more, but we're in the midst of preparing for our record-breakingly huge STAND BY ME show, which is basically going to envelop the entire town of Brownsville, OR this weekend.

There will be pie,
RRS Tour 2007 crew

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