Monday, July 23, 2007

2007 Rolling Roadshow Tour: dispatch from the trenches part I

We're hungry, sleepless and unshaven. Our bodies are filled with truck stop cuisine gas damage and covered in sunburn, one of us has grown a hideous beard and another, in a fit of self-loathing dementia, has shaved his head into a ridiculous floppy mohawk.

One show down, ten to go.

The first event, our San Elizario screening of FANDANGO, was a complete success. In a town with a population of under a thousand, we managed to pull off a full-scale celebration of a movie that is largely unfamiliar to modern audiences. Cast, fans and innocent bystanders alike all had a great time and we made some new pals with the locals. The scavenger hunt teams pulled through, breaking all the right laws to earn points for the event. The happy couple was married LIVE! by FANDANGO star Chuck Bush, and there was a big party afterwards in the town square.

Everyone worked their rumps off and collapsed in a heap of sunstroke and success at the end of the night. Now we're four states away in a tiny hotel in the equally tiny town of Blythe, CA, preparing to embark on our BOOGIE NIGHTS and LOST BOYS events, one of which will involve a very special movie prop which we'll pick up later today. I'm not saying what it is, but let's just say that it likely put Mark Wahlberg's inseam to the ultimate test.

It's time to head out already, but we'll be checking back in from various truck stops and parking lots with updates and battle scars from the road.

Until then, keep your movie obsession raging.

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Your pals,
The Rolling Roadshow 2007 Tour crew

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adamg said...

I came all the way from San Diego for this and it was worth every second. Thanks to Tim and the crew for doing this. It was great meeting you all and helping lug stuff just like a townsperson suckered into putting on a wedding....Have a great rest of tour. Can't wait to read more reports!