Thursday, May 8, 2008

2nd Screening location announce for Leone Roadshow

There is no other town more iconic in the history of Spaghetti Westerns than Los Albaricoques, Spain. The whitewashed walls appear in dozens of films including DEATH RIDES A HORSE and Leone's masterpiece FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE. Other than a few new power lines and an occasional paved road, the town still looks virtually the same as it did in 1965 when Clint Eastwood was dodging bullets from Indio's men.

For the second stop on the 2008 Rolling Roadshow Tour, we will be returning to Los Albaricoques, Spain for a free outdoor screening of FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE. We are setting up the seating inside the stone circle that was the backdrop for the final showdown between Lee Van Cleef and Indio. Following the screening, we are hosting an after-party at the Hotel and Restaurant Alba, which houses a spaghetti western memorabilia collection and is within walking distance of the screen.

Complete map and details will be posted soon on

The 2008 Rolling Roadshow Tour: The Sergio Leone Edition is presented by MGM Channel and Teuve.

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