Monday, June 18, 2007

Meet the prospective Fandango wedding couples

Hello fellow Groovers,

We've been casting a wide net for the lucky couple to be married on the San Elizario Square as part of the Ultimate Fandango celebration. Honestly, we weren't sure if we'd get a single interested party, but it seems that there are quite a few of us Fandango fans in the woodwork. We'll be making the announcement later this week, but I wanted to share with you all a few of the comments from the prospective couples. What we are going to do is legally and officially (with Justice of the Peace paperwork and everything) marry one couple, and anyone else who decideds to come in formal attire can stand one teir back and unofficially marry or renew your vows. I might even get in on that action myself.

Below are a few of the prosective Fandango couples:

#1: My name is Jessica Peters. I first saw Fandango at the age of 7. It changed my life and is my favorite movie ever. I would love to be married on the square. I am already married but would be ecstatic to renew my vows before Dorman. I walked down the aisle to Pat Metheney's "It's For You", no lie. My dad and I took a road trip to find the McLean Massacre historical marker when I was six months pregnant. I will be six months pregnant again at the time of the showing. (You can see a picture of us and read both of our recollections at Fandango is in my blood. This is my calling. I'd love to be a part of the scavenger hunt too.

#2: My fiancee and I were so excited to hear about your Fandango show and wedding. He loves that movie so much that we are planning on doing the dance from the movie to "Its For You" by Pat Methany as our wedding dance. It would be so meaningful to us to get to recreate the wedding scene for you. Please consider us if you haven't already found your couple. We live in Austin and go to the Alamo all the time! Dorman was my favorite character in the movie, so having him perform the ceremony would be special too. Thanks for considering us. We'd be so thrilled.

#3: My fiance and I were planning on a wedding next Feb., but as fans of Fandango, we were going to try to use the Pat Methaney music for our first dance, a Fandango. That's when we stumbled on your site and project, while looking for the music. We conferred a little about it, and unanimously agreed: If you'll have us for it, we'd LOVE to get married in a Fandango-style wedding. It would be SO NEAT....(From the film...get it?) Seriously, we are throwing our hat in the ring. Let us know!

#4: First off, kudos to your choice of road shows! Fandango is my favorite movie. The first time I kissed my girlfriend was after a showing of Fandango at my house. (it was sort of a barometer with my buddies; if she doesn't like Fandango, I don't think I could stay with her) My girlfriend and I have been together for 3.5 years. We both live in Austin, but I'm from Odessa and know the area where Fandango was shot. I told all of my friends that when I got married, I wanted a "Groovers" fandango where we drive down to West Texas and go to all of the spots that were in the movie. Kevin Costner is the only one I know that could make a filthy powder blue tux with ruffles look cool. But I would try to pull it off. Please enter me and my girlfriend in the contest.

#5: Are you still looking for a couple to marry during the Rolling Roadshow Fandango event??? Fandango is one of my favorite movies and my fiance and I were planning on getting married in September back home in Texas (we're currently living in San Diego). To have a wedding experience like the one described on the website would be an experience of a lifetime for us. Plus I really love the idea of having a wedding that's just the two of us (without our families present) . That other one in September can be for our families.

#6: My husband and I are quite the adventurists. If you can't find a non-married couple to participate, or would just like a very fun and adventurous couple to be remarried, we would be up for the fun!!! Let me know what you would need and if we could fill your role.

Good luck to all of our possible brides and grooms. We will announce the winner of the search on Friday, June 22 by 5:00 PM. Regardless, we hope to see you all at the square for a little slice of Fandango heaven.

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