Monday, April 5, 2010

Rolling Roadshow: BRIGHT LEAF Smoker's Theater

Rolling Roadshow presents:
Smoker's Theater: BRIGHT LEAF
Sat, April 24th :: Tim & Karrie League's House
Tickets available soon HERE!

Smoker's Theater returns! If you got to join us for THE MALTESE FALCON last year, you understand how great of an event this will be. The air was smokey and sweet, Tim's lawn was plush and cozy, and the Rolling Roadshow screen made the neighborhood go, "What is going on?!" Join us again! Or for the first time...

Even though we all know smoking is bad for you, lots of us still do it. We can't help it, they just taste so damn good. Plus, it makes us look cool. There's nothing inherently cool about the little paper cylinders, but sometimes it seems like every interesting person on earth has been a smoker. Even President Obama sneaks out on the Rose Garden veranda to burn one every now and again. It's like a little torch of rebellion. However, in recent years, we smokers have been relegated to the margins, kicked into the alley or corralled into pins like cattle. Well, no longer must we endure the sarcastic hacking nor death-ray leers from our intolerant-if-better-smelling brethren. Smoker’s UNITE! For this dramatic installment of Smoker's Theater, we turn back the clock to the Smokingest Age of Hollywood.

Loosely based on the rivalry of tobacco tycoons Washington Duke and George McElwee, BRIGHT LEAF follows tenant farmer Brant Royle (Gary Cooper), who returns home after his family is driven from its farm by tobacco baron Major Singleton and becomes a rich and ruthless tyrant himself. Royle and Singleton battle for their respective empires while Royle becomes obsessed with the Major's beautiful but devious daughter, Margaret (Lauren Bacall). Whether you enjoy a pack a day or just the occasional fine cigar, this is where you want to be on April 24, and we're not just blowing smoke.